Navratri home decoration

Navratri home decoration The holy nine nights are dedicated to the mother god Devi, who is the shakti or power of all our gods. There are two Navaratris celebrations every year, one in spring and the other in autumn. People fast and pray for her blessings. During these nine days and nine nights, people worship many aspects of the goddess, […]

Three popular options for sliding closet doors

The sliding wardrobe door was initially designed to solve the space constraints of the bedroom. They replaced the swinging closet door, which needed extra space for the swinging opening and closing action. But as the years go by, they have changed from purely functional wardrobe closet components to decorative components. Therefore, interior designers and homeowners regard them as an indispensable […]

Why Every Home Needs False Ceilings

No residential property is complete without a proper roof. The roof offers protection from natural elements like wind, rain, snow, sunlight and temperatures. On top of providing protection, building occupants can present an aesthetic sense through attractive false ceiling creation using decorative ceiling panels are pleasing to the eye. Such ceiling panels offer moisture resistance and fire safety. While false […]

What To Consider Before Buying a Sofa

Buying a sofa is a critical and important investment that you are likely to make for your home. In the living room it is a vital piece of furniture used to entertain family and friends, watch TV, eat and drink, and even sleep. Hence it only makes sense to invest in one that will last for many years to come. […]

Wall Panelling Essential Information

Keen on learning how to panel a wall? Wall panelling has fast become a DIY process with users and fans sharing their projects over social media across hallways, bathrooms and living rooms. DIY wall panelling is fast taking over people’s social media feeds and homes as wall panelling DIY sees a jump of 250 percent in search results according to […]

Mixing wood tones like a boss!

Yes they are a great addition to any home interior. No longer do you need to decorate matching furnishings with all of your wood furniture as well as the floor.  People do not buy full matching furniture sets anymore, nowadays most homeowners like mixing it up for a more stylish, and curated feel.  If you are willing to break up […]

How to layer window treatments

Looking for help trying to match curtains and blinds? Or are you trying to coordinate window treatment styles in the same room or adjoining rooms? Here’s a few good tips on how to achieve a designer-quality look for less.  Layering window treatments The key when layering drapes with blinds or curtains is to have enough contrast so as to avoid […]

8 friendly indoor painting tips

When you roll over paint that is partially dry, you get lap marks. Here’s a few tips to learning to paint indoors like a pro:  In order to maintain a wet edge, begin from a corner and move the roller up and down the full height of the wall, moving over gently with every stroke.  2. Move back when needed […]

5 Ways To Use Lightning To Enhance Your Ambience

Lighting is one of the strongest home interior decor elements available. It is capable of changing atmospheres and the ambience immediately, at the touch of a button to decorate with light. As LEDs now last very long it is extremely important to consider your lighting design when looking to enhance your ambience. While doing so, consider these tips:  Layer your […]