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5 Ways To Use Lightning To Enhance Your Ambience

5 Ways To Use Lightning To Enhance Your Ambience

Lighting is one of the strongest home interior decor elements available. It is capable of changing atmospheres and the ambience immediately, at the touch of a button to decorate with light. As LEDs now last very long it is extremely important to consider your lighting design when looking to enhance your ambience. While doing so, consider these tips: 

Layer your lighting – various layers of light create a textured effect, providing interest and depth to your home spaces. Create a wide range of effects the same way an interior designer would achieve using texture. Stay away from grids of lighting as this creates a blanket of even light. Mix ambient, task and accent lighting for best results. 

Accentuate architecture – lighting your room’s architecture is crucial to creating the mood. Use back or front lighting to light up shelves and add dimension to downlights or niches. 

Dim everything – dimming makes a big difference – go ahead and try it! A sophisticated lighting control system provides the option of control inside the room. 

Creating soft focus – an easy way to add ambience is lighting the centre of a coffee table. Use a narrow beam on a separate circuit for a warm glow. 

Turn your bathroom into a spa – use low level lighting to skim light across the floor. Put these on a separate circuit so they dim automatically. 

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