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Mixing wood tones like a boss!

Mixing wood tones like a boss!

Yes they are a great addition to any home interior. No longer do you need to decorate matching furnishings with all of your wood furniture as well as the floor. 

People do not buy full matching furniture sets anymore, nowadays most homeowners like mixing it up for a more stylish, and curated feel. 

If you are willing to break up wood tones in your home, read on for some great tips: 

Tips for mixing wood tones with knotty pine floors – add a few pieces of wood furniture that are both medium to dark in the colour range. Ensure you stay away from red undertones thanks to pine leaning towards a yellow tinge. Let some white into the space by allowing a darker wood coffee table and accent chair. Incorporate a bigger white and oversized sofa for a feeling of airness in the space. 

Pick high contrast – a single dark wood focal piece in a space when the other wood inside the room is lighter makes a massive impact. 

Repeat accent woods at least two times – repetition is best, but knowing when to stop is even better. Follow the 80/20 ule. Resist the urge to go with multiple shades of wood in a single space by maintaining the main shade in about 80% of the design and adding 20% of the accent colour. This maintains a balance in the space making it visually pleasant to look at. 

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