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Wall Panelling Essential Information

Wall Panelling Essential Information

Keen on learning how to panel a wall? Wall panelling has fast become a DIY process with users and fans sharing their projects over social media across hallways, bathrooms and living rooms. DIY wall panelling is fast taking over people’s social media feeds and homes as wall panelling DIY sees a jump of 250 percent in search results according to Google Trends. 

Wall panelling is available in a few forms. Ensure you do your research and pick the style that works best for your home. Example – mouldings include tongue and groove, Jacobean-style grid, dado style or grand period designs. 

Don’t worry about not having done it before, with a bit of know-how you can create decorative wood panels easily and with great results. 

Wall panelling provides properties with character, style and personality. Whether you’re looking to create stylish bedroom wall panels or a few bathroom panels, here’s how to panel a wall using MDF wood: 

  1. Start by having a clear idea. Gain inspiration from instagram or pinterest. 

2. Measure your wall using a tape measure. Decide the number of panels you want, a few like the full panelled look while others prefer just half the wall. 

3. Cut the panels using a saw and mitre box carefully according to the measurements. 

4. Sand and smoothen the walls using sandpaper or an electric sander. 

5. Attach the panels to the wall using nails and adhesive to be sure. 

6. Fill in any gaps with decorators caulk. 

7. Paint the panels.

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