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Why Every Home Needs False Ceilings

Why Every Home Needs False Ceilings

No residential property is complete without a proper roof. The roof offers protection from natural elements like wind, rain, snow, sunlight and temperatures. On top of providing protection, building occupants can present an aesthetic sense through attractive false ceiling creation using decorative ceiling panels are pleasing to the eye. Such ceiling panels offer moisture resistance and fire safety. While false ceilings have been around for ages, they’re making a comeback in a big way in terms of finishes, illusions, technology and patterns. 

In addition to aesthetics, false ceilings offer functional features enhancing their use in multiple ways. For example – false ceilings provide good acoustics where unwanted sounds should be lowered and necessary sounds can be made louder. They also help house electric wires, pipes and AC ducts and reflect and diffuse light obviating demand for unneeded artificial light. 

Hence a well planned false ceiling provides functional and aesthetical features working to enhance the working environment. False ceilings are made of different materials with regards to their purpose. They are generally amenable to intricate designs and could enhance aesthetic ceiling features. 

Various kinds of false ceilings include: 

Fibre false ceilings

Metal false ceilings

Plaster of Paris false ceilings

Wood false ceilings

PVC false ceilings

Fabric and synthetic leather false ceilings

Gypsum false ceilings

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