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Three popular options for sliding closet doors

Three popular options for sliding closet doors

The sliding wardrobe door was initially designed to solve the space constraints of the bedroom. They replaced the swinging closet door, which needed extra space for the swinging opening and closing action. But as the years go by, they have changed from purely functional wardrobe closet components to decorative components. Therefore, interior designers and homeowners regard them as an indispensable part of bedroom design and bedroom improvement concepts.

There are three types of sliding wardrobe doors that have always been the favorites of many families-wooden types, mirror types and glass types. Each has its own unique and unique characteristics, making them popular with many people’s preferences and tastes for closet doors.

Wooden wardrobe sliding doors-these doors are made of dense wood such as maple, mahogany, and teak. Although other woods have been used, these three kinds of wood have become popular due to their thick nature and durability. In addition, according to the manufacturer’s creativity, there are various styles and designs, from louvered wardrobe closet panels to handmade wood panels.

Mirror sliding wardrobe doors-these doors are made of glass material, with reflective film on the back of the glass panel. They are just made into large mirrors with sliding door functions. Although they are much heavier than wooden furniture, the reflective elegance they bring makes them ideal for various modern bedroom environments. In addition, for safety reasons, most (if not all) mirror sliding doors are laminated. This also eliminates the need for a separate full-length mirror in the bedroom.

Gloss sliding wardrobe doors-These doors can also be found in a range of designs. They are perfect for integrating into almost any bedroom style that homeowners or interior designers are fond of. Smoked glass doors are a smart option for these kinds of doors. The most popular glass material is Plexiglass due to its being extremely robust. Plexiglass is used in various applications that require high-quality glass (i.e., contemporary aircraft windows, massive aquarium panels, and police security riot shields). Plexiglass is also called acrylic. While it is more expensive than standard glass, its exceptional endurance makes it an ideal choice for owners of closets.

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