Navratri home decoration

Navratri home decoration

The holy nine nights are dedicated to the mother god Devi, who is the shakti or power of all our gods. There are two Navaratris celebrations every year, one in spring and the other in autumn. People fast and pray for her blessings. During these nine days and nine nights, people worship many aspects of the goddess, and the celebration ends in October. In Gujarat, they dance Dandia and Garba; in other parts of India, people prepare special dishes and women sing songs to praise her.

In Hindu mythology, the festival is celebrated all over the globe as the triumph that good prevails over evil. the goddess Shakti (Maa Durga) killed buffalo-headed demon Mahishasura following a lengthy battle lasting nine days and nights on the tenth of the day that is known as Vijaya Dashmi This devotion to the Goddess Mother is distinctive in Hinduism.Also dusshera is celebrated on the same day to commemorate the fact that Lord Rama is blessed by Maa Durga has triumphed over Ravana. This festival also signifies the beginning of winter during which nature experiences a variety of climatic shifts. Goddess Shakti in her nine forms of Shailputri, Brahmachaarini, Chandraghanta, Kushmaanda, Skanda, Kaatyayani, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Sidhidaarti are worshiped in these nine days to ensure the best heath, wealth prosperity, wisdom, and luck.

The significance of the festival in Navratri can be seen in the fact that these nine days of celebration are split and dedicated towards God’s Trinity which is God worshipped in female body.

Navarretri is also the time when the Ramayana battle took place in Lanka. From the day Rama prayed to Durga for victory. Ramlila plays this great story in these nine days. In the southern state of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka Saraswati are worshipped on Navami Day.

Navratri home decoration ideas

• Decorate your grand entrance with flowers for the Navratri Festival

Everyone likes the smell of flowers, so welcome Maa Durga to the houses and temples decorated with flowers. The house can be decorated with yellow marigolds. At the same time, roses and white flowers can also be used in temples. The gate of the house can be decorated with Tolan which contains flowers and mango leaves.

navarathi festival decor

• Use some cleaning and color to change the decoration for Navratri

Navratri festival is a good time to beautify the walls in gathering areas or mandir rooms. You can take this opportunity to clean up the house and update the layout of public rooms by rearranging furniture.

house cleaning

* Create a flower arrangement to celebrate Navratri at your home

Flowers are among nature’s most ancient and simple types of decorations for any celebration. Their beauty and purity for the use in offerings and prayers are well-known. They also assist in eliminating toxic pollutants out of the atmosphere, boost our moods, and help maintain the peace of mind due to their aromatherapeutic capabilities. Additionally, with the wide range of colors available in nature, flowers are simple to incorporate into design elements and themes.

navarathi flower decoration

* Create your floor to celebrate Navratri by using Rangolis

Making rangolis or making alpana is a custom. Rangolis are essential for all Hindu festival. The intricate and elaborate designs are made in the home and outside in the portico.

rongli navarthi decor

* Paint Diyas in order to “light up” the Nine Nights Festival for your guests

Indian festivals aren’t complete without Diyas. You can put the attractive Diyas in your Living Room and in the Pooja Room to spice up the Pooja activities. The soft light falls upon the god of the earthy diyas as well as the intriguing tea lights that give an elegant appearance to your space.

diyas navarathi painting

* Display your Navratri Golu decor ideas

Then, in South India during Navratri, Golu is created. In this way the goddess Durga is a meditative goddess for nine nights prior to killing Mahishasura. The nine nights are represented as nine steps that are made of wooden planks. The idols of different Gods and Goddesses can be found on these steps, along with the wooden idol of Goddess Durga.

Happy navarathi festival

* Increase the standard of Navratri by adorning your Garba pot with an attractive design

It is possible to decorate your home (Puja room) with earthen pots as part of Navratri decorations. According to Gujarati custom, the house is decorated with Garbo. It’s an earthen pot embellished with mirrors, shining lace, blooms and diyas that burn inside.

navarathi decor

* Navratri’s light

lanterns, mason-jars, decorative lamps, and mason jars are a great way to add a little sparkle to an atmosphere of a celebration. The area around the altar is also lit by strings of LEDs and fairy lights. They are not just beautiful but also help make the altar appear more radiant.

navarathi festival lights

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