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Small living room decoration idea: expand your room with home decoration

Small living room decoration idea: expand your room with home decoration

The small living room decoration concept can make you feel comfortable or cramped in the space to make all the difference.

When you only have one room to relax, watch TV, read, and entertain, decorating to maximize the space and achieve all these goals can be very challenging.

There is good news for you. When you use these decorative solutions, you will not need a lot of space to create a practical and stylish room. The trick is to enlarge your small room by using deceptive design techniques.

Furniture layout

Multifunctional furniture designed to fit the space can help you make the most of a limited area.

When your small living room is in a studio apartment, the sofa bed is more practical than the sofa and bed. You have a stylish living area during the day and a comfortable bedroom at night all in one room.

Furniture set upon slender legs, armless parts, and chairs help make your space feel more open and airy.


Color creativity

Decorate your room with furniture similar to the wall color to make the space feel bigger. Add colorful and textured accessories to create a sense of spaciousness.

By visually connecting rooms with similar materials, borrow space from adjacent rooms. Using a flooring material or wall color can create a sense of flow between rooms and make your living room feel more spacious.


Lighting creativity

Creatively make use of light to make your tiny space appear more spacious.

Hang colorful curtains on the windows or make wall cuts in other rooms to attract attention outside the living room.

Add light-reflecting materials, such as mirrors, glass, and metal, to provide the illusion of more space.

By painting the ceiling in a light blue shade reminiscent of the sky or painting the ceiling with high-gloss paint to give the impression of height, the room appears taller.

Include skylights for the illusion of depth, or put in recessed lighting to provide more light into the space without taking up too much space.



Free up floor space and desktop by using vertical space. Arrange the walls with shelves and bookcases, where you can store decorative and functional home furnishings.

Store portable furniture in a closet and take it out when guests need more seats. Dress up the chair with a decorative sofa set to complement your decoration style.

Just because your space may be limited does not mean you have to have a limited style. Try to use some of these designer techniques to decorate furniture, lighting, colors, and home accessories to make the space feel bigger. Using these small living room decoration ideas will have a significant impact on your room.


Pastel tones

The wall is the key feature that makes the room look smooth and vibrant. If you try to paint the walls or even the ceiling with “cold” colors such as green or blue, the small living room will look bigger. Please make sure the tones are darker because they attract the whole room as a whole. These colors can make your ceiling look bigger in height.


Use curtains

For example, if you have curtains, you can give them the impression of an extra room height. To create this effect, move your curtains upwards towards the ceiling. Looks great!

Use over-scale objects

Oversized objects can be divided into screens, large paintings, photo frames, and patterns. These items have the charm to make the room look bigger and attract more space to your living room.

Fluttering curtains

White curtains sound a bit difficult to maintain, but they add charm to your living room. The basic benefit of white curtains is that they allow natural light to enter your room and add a smooth and cool effect to your living room. The more natural light and airflow in the living room, the less sweat the room smells. The heavy curtains are a big no-no-no! The curtains need to belong and be light in color.

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Color coordination

The most important reminder to keep in mind when decorating the living room is to coordinate the color of the furniture with the tones on the walls. You need to add some creative effort to decide which color looks good. For example, lighter greens match whites very well. It turns out that this is a bright and soothing combination.

Magical reflective surface

The reflective surface works wonders in making the small living room larger. If you have a large plain wall, you can nicely add a large mirror with artificial light effects. This will provide the richest and most spacious layout for your living room.

The lighter the fabric, the bigger the room

Since ancient times, lighter fabrics have been labeled the rich and famous. But with a little effort, people can also afford it. Lighter fabrics can make your room look bigger.

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